Nurse program

Half day workshop for skin cancer nurses

This course is designed for nurses working in clinical practice to develop skills in skin cancer screening who have either never undertaken this activity before, or who are looking to refresh their skills in the activity. 

The course provides information that will assist in developing skills that allow for identification of common skins lesions with the object of referring suspicious lesions to specialist care for diagnosis and treatment.

For professionals who have never undertaken skin screening.

By the end of this course participants will be able to undertake a basic skin screening consultation, and learn the importance of skin/lesion photography.

Participants will also learn the importance of wound dressings and patient follow up specifically following skin cancer surgery.

The course will also include components of the important Golden rules relating to skin cancer as created by Prof. Anthony Dixon

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This course will prepare the participants to:


  • Undertake a basic skin assessment.

  • Conduct a skin screening.

  • Identify suspicious skin lesions.

  • Refer suspicious lesions to appropriate medical specialists.

  • Be able to provide health education on the prevention of skin cancer to your patients.

  • Learn the golden rules of skin cancer

  • Lesion Photography

  • Wound dressing following skin cancer surgery

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