The ACCO suite of skin cancer workshops

Professor Anthony Dixon (ACCO co-founder) has been teaching skin cancer medicine and surgery for over 20 years. His workshops are consistently rated at the highest levels. Dr. Alex Nirenberg leads the ACCO team with education in dermatopathology.

Doctors can obtain certification of the competence they had obtained as a result of such teaching. Workshop dates

Location? All workshops (other than clearly specified) are held in Docklands in the heart of Melbourne. Register for workshops here

ESSENTIALSThis 10.5 hour workshop is a thorough exploration of the diagnosis and management of skin cancer in general practice. Surgical techniques explained in this workshop including punch biopsies, shave biopsies, elliptical excision of lesions, curettage, cautery and cryotherapy. Delegates practice techniques on specially designed synthetic skin. Each year two workshops are held. You can choose to attend the program over two full days or combined with the dermoscopy program over 3 days. Workshop details. RegisterDates

FLAPS & GRAFTSThis 5 day workshop focuses on learning flap and graft procedures. A thorough exploration of the concepts of skin flap surgery is explored with multiple exercises on synthetic skin shaped as a face. The course also includes an in depth education program on the management of BCCs, SCCs, melanomata and some other rare skin cancers. Knowledge of essentials curriculum assumed. Register   or Workshop details. Dates


DERMOSCOPYThis workshop involves an 9 hour education program of in depth dermoscopy diagnostics. You can choose to attend the course over a two day weekend or combined with the essentials program over 3 days.  Register. Dates

COMBINED: Over 3 days you can complete both the Essentials and Dermoscopy programs. Dates     Details

DERMATOPATHOLOGY: Over an intense 6 hour day of education Dr. Alex Nirenberg covers the essential knowledge of dermatopathology required for safe skin cancer practice. RegisterDates  Program details.

FACE & EARThis workshop is designed for those planning to move beyond procedures learned in the 5 day event. Advanced techniques for the nose, lips, ears and eyelids are covered.. Register. Workshop program. Dates

CRUISE DERMOSCOPY: Complete the 9 hour dermoscopy program whilst on a cruise ship. Details here.

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Fine print:

  • All equipment is provided for all workshops.
  • There are no part registrations. The cost includes a catering / venue package arrangement. There is no reduction for registrants choosing not to attend the conference dinner or other component. The catering package for all workshops includes morning and afternoon tea each day as well as lunch.
  • Cancellation  policy applies.
  • Strict conditions on copyright and recording apply.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not applicable for any ACCO workshops as they are prerequisites to ACCO qualifications.
  • Note that a very limited amount of written material will be provided. The courses do not include comprehensive notes.