Dermoscopy course evaluation

Evaluation of dermoscopy course run by Dr. Dixon in Canada in 2012

Professor Anthony Dixon ran a program on dermoscopy in Toronto in October 2012. The audience for this course was largely ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons and dermatologists. Following the course the department chair wrote the following to Dr. Dixon:

Dear Anthony,
I want to thank you so much for the wonderful Dermoscopy course you put on for our Department as well as Dermatologists in attendance October 6, 2012. Please find enclosed a copy of the evaluation summary. These are the best numbers I have ever seen for any course we have ever run. It is obvious the participants absolutely loved the course judging from the score and comments. I myself really enjoyed the course and thought it was very beneficial to me. I will certainly be looking into buying a dermatoscope for use in the clinic and hopefully I will be able to get a "start".
Again my sincere thanks and congratulations for putting on such an outstanding course.
I very much hope our paths cross again in the future.
With best regards.
Sincerely, Ian J. Witterick MD MSc FRCSC Professor and Chair Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
SUMMARY OF EVALUATION - Average scores out of 5
Sufficient time was allowed for audience participation / active learning - 4.69
The faculties were satisfactory - 4.81
Overall, I would rate this course as excellent - 4.85
Evaluation of Dr, Dixon:
Clarity of presentation - 4.96
Met stated objectives - 4.96
Balanced and unbiased - 4.96
Relevant to practice overall - 4.96
Tine for active learning - 4.96
What will you do differently in your practice or reinforced to continue as a result of this program? All comments were along the lines of using dermoscopy more and with better understanding. Several comments about using dermoscopy to assist identifying margins prior to excision.
Subsequent to the course Dr. Dixon was nominated for the C. R. Wolf Award for Excellence in Teaching and for Excellence in Continuing Education.