Our edge over other skin cancer programs

ACCO - the leaders in skin cancer education for doctors & nurses

There is no comparison!

  • Only ACCO education programs are fully written, designed and implemented by dermatologists, academics and dermatopathologists    
  • Only ACCO certifications for GPs and nurses have standards and examinations set by dermatologists and academics both in USA and Australia
  • Only ACCO has its own home with a dedicated facility in Docklands designed and equipped to maximise the value of our workshops. Our home is in the Boyd building at 5 Caravel Lane, Docklands
  • Only ACCO programs demand that all educators and lecturers sign a detailed attestation that prohibits influence or support by drug companies. Our presenters cannot be paid directly or indirectly by pharmaceutical companies. This includes a ban on incentives such as travel and accommodation.
  • Only ACCO bans drug companies from sponsoring or supporting our education events. You will not find pharmaceutical company trade displays at any ACCO event.
  • No programs match ACCO for quality, experience as well as value for money. The price of ACCO events is even more attractive when one considers there is no pharmaceutical support
  • Only ACCO insists on independence of education, with education being evidence based
  • Only ACCO bans education based on doctors describing, "My experience is . . ." Workshops are all evidence based, - not based on personal preferences or experiences. Case studies and experience are drawn upon only to provide examples of evidence based medicine in practice


The ACCO Director of Education is Professor Anthony Dixon.

  • Dr. Dixon has managed over 50,000 skin cancers. Typically he manages 2,500 skin cancers per year.
  • Around 50% of the cancers Dr. Dixon has managed are on the face, totalling over 25,000.
  • Dr. Dixon has a PhD in skin cancer management
  • Dr. Dixon is a member of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD) College of Dermatology in USA. The AOCD is one of only two bodies in the USA that can certify a dermatologist for dermatology practice.
  • Dr. Dixon is an Honorary Professor of the AOCD
  • Dr. Dixon has published a multitude of original research studies on skin cancer management in the major dermatology and surgery journals in the world, including the British Journal of Surgery, British Journal of Dermatology, British Medical Journal, Dermatologic Surgery, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Medical Journal of Australia
  • Dr. Dixon has been teaching skin cancer management since the late 1980s. 
  • Other programs have commenced as recently as 2005 and merely tried to copy Dr. Dixon's workshop programs
  • Apart from his Australian teaching programs, Dr. Dixon regularly lectures at major dermatology conferences in USA every year along with conferences in Europe, Asia and New Zealand
  • Dr. Dixon invariably rates at the highest levels when attendees are asked to evaluate his programs