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ACCO news updated February 2017


February 2017 - Sentinel node update

Draft Australasian guidelines on melanoma management are being produced. The draft guidelines on SNB fall so short of a sound evidence based document with suitable recommendations as to be unacceptable. The ACCO board have reviewed the guidelines and have provided advice for SNB guidelines. We have published our major concerns in the British Journal of Dermatology. Read our manuscript here.

New AJCC Staging for melanoma

November 2016 - New skin excision item numbers

The Australian item numbers for skin lesion excision have been totally overhauled. ACCO has produced a 'ready reckoner'. We suggest you print out both page 1 and 2 in colour, laminate the two pages back to back and have this quick guide available in your procedure room and office. We have also updated our flap and graft guide to accommodate the new item number system.

ACCO 'ready reckoner' page 1 ACCO 'ready reckoner' page 2

November 2016 - The "melanoma blood test"

ACCO has been asked to explain the 'new' melanoma blood test that has been in the media. It is not the test that the media have depicted.

Find out the details here


New level of membership: Associate Fellow

ACCO Board (Elected August 2015)

  • Chairman: Dr. Stuart Anderson
  • Director of dermatology education: Prof. Anthony Dixon
  • Director of pathology education: Dr. Alex Nirenberg (Dermatopathologist)
  • International Director: Dr. Howard Steinman (Associate Professor of Dermatology, Texas, USA)
  • RACGP Liaison Officer: Mrs. Mary Dixon
  • ACCO Secretariat: Ms. Maria Healy

Allmedic research

Allmedic.org.au is now a registered domain belonging to your College. This was obtained by the College to help the public and doctors with access to our clinical trials on Allmedic PDT. More info here.


ACCO links with American Society for Mohs Surgery

ACCO continues our close association with the American Society for Mohs Surgery, (ASMS). Dr. Alex Miller (a program director with ASMS) is our international keynote speaker this year. Professor. Howard Steinman from Texas continues collaborative research with ACCO. Indeed we published in print original research in February 2015.

In 2015 ACCO and ASMS commenced a large collaborative prospective trial that will involve over 50 dermatologists and over 6000 patients.

Going forward, ACCO is as well placed if not better placed than any other entity in training and certifying doctors in skin cancer management.

ACCO and the pharmaceutical industry

ACCO prohibits drug company sponsorship or support in any form. You will not see a drug company trade display at an ACCO event. Your Board will not see pharmaceutical representatives. We will not attend events held by the pharmaceutical industry. We will not accept any inducements from dining out through sandwiches down to pens and drug samples. ACCO does not believe that a drug rep is positioned to provide reasonable and balanced education.

ONLY ACCO has taken these extensive steps to ensure that skin cancer education is independent of pharmaceutical company influence. All ACCO Board members have signed the “No advertising Please” pledge on line against drug company representatives seeing doctors. Professor Howard Steinman, Dr. Stuart Anderson, Dr. Alex Nirenberg, Professor Anthony Dixon and Mrs Mary Dixon have all signed the pledge. ACCO Fellow Dr. David Coulthard has also signed.

Our members may choose to go on line to their web site and join us.

New research on sentinel node biopsy

EXAMS - The exam weekends will be the first Saturday and Sunday of July and December

See Calendar  for details. 


Our traffic light sheet  has been updated in 2016 reflecting new changes such as the emergence of ingenol mebutate for management of actinic keratosis.